Think Adding Tiling & Renovation Services to Your Plumbing Company Is a Good Idea? Here’s Why You Should Go for It

When people engage services of a plumbing company, they have issues with the plumbing infrastructures of their residential or commercial buildings. In most cases, plumbing problems arise after some years following the completion of a building. This implies that people that engage plumbing company services have homes or offices that may need renovation. Thus, they are ideal candidates to sell tiling and renovation services to. When somebody hires your company to fix a plumbing issue, you can recommend renovation and tiling services to them. For instance, you can convince a homeowner with an old, outdated bathroom to turn their bathroom into their relaxing oasis with renovation and tiling. This will easily bring your company more business.

Most People Realize they Need Full Renovation on Hiring a Plumber

In most cases, a plumbing issue seems minor on the surface yet it’s a tip of the iceberg. A homeowner may hire your plumbing company to fix a problem in the bathroom only to realize that the same problem is present in the kitchen and in the laundry room. This may prompt them to consider full home renovation. If you add tiling and renovation to the services that your plumbing company offers, you will get more business from such homeowners. What’s more, you will be a preference for most property owners. That’s because majority of them prefer companies that handle all renovation issues of their buildings including plumbing repair and tiling.

Most Homeowners Need Both Repairs and Upgrades

Many people call a plumbing company when seeking repair for a plumbing fixture. However, they may realize that their homes need upgrading. This will prompt them to go for complete renovation of their homes which may include tiling and fitting of the latest fixtures. When you incorporate tiling and renovation to your plumbing company, you offer services like replacing broken and cracked tiles, waterproofing, and re-grouting. You also offer tiling for walls and floors in all parts of a home including the kitchen, laundry room and living areas. Large projects may include retiling showers as well as shower bases especially in older homes and investment properties. This is particularly common when a homeowner wants to list their property for sale.

Ensure Convenience and Efficiency for Your Clients

When you add tiling and renovation services to your plumbing company, you give your clients more convenience. That’s because clients get a chance to have their renovation projects completed by the same company. Thus, they deal with the same contractor when it comes to their tiling, renovation and plumbing needs. This is the convenience that many property owners want.

Generally, adding tiling and renovation services to your plumbing company is beneficial for you and your clients. It brings your company more business and makes it look more professional while enhancing convenience and efficiency for your clients. Nevertheless, make sure that you have the right experts to provide tiling and renovation services especially if you currently have plumbers only. That’s because when you have expert renovators and tile installers in your company, you will offer more professional services that will earn you trust and a sterling reputation. Another good idea is to simply ask a tile company in your area questions to gain some knowledge that would help you. Visit this Website to learn more about including tiling & renovations to your business.


When to Install a New Hot Water Tank

Your hot water tank is made to last for several years. However, this doesn’t mean it will last forever. A time comes when you have to install a new hot water tank. But, how do you know that you should install a new tank? Here are signs that it’s time to install a new hot water tank.

When Water from the Tank is cold

Feel water from the tank and if it feels cold, consider installing a new hot water tank. That’s because it means your tank is not serving its purpose effectively.

Hot Water Duration

Consider the duration that your hot water supply lasts. If hot water supply is lasting less than it used to before, your tank could be having a problem. Therefore, consider a new hot water tank installation.

Presence of Puddles

Take a look at the floor that surrounds the hot water tank to see if there is standing water. Pools or puddles of water around the tank’s base or a water stream that runs from your tank to the floor drain could imply presence of a leak. In that case, you may have to replace the tank.

Clanging Noises

If your hot water tank produces clanging noises, unusual sounds or pops, it might have a mechanical issue. In that case, you may have to install a new hot water tank.

Age of the Tank

When was your hot water tank installed? Most tanks are designed to last for five to ten years. However, some can last longer than this. But, if your tank has inadequacies in its performance and it has outlived its warranty, it might be time to install a new one.

Older hot water tanks that are not drained and refilled regularly can have irreparable leaks. To ensure that you go longer without the need to install a new hot water tank, let experts inspect your tank and maintain it on a regular basis.


Plumbing Disasters at Home

Traditional plumbers concern themselves with drainage and water supply system. However, modern plumbers deal with external flashings, joints, washing machines and heating systems among others. There are numerous catastrophes that can affect these appliances and systems in an average home. For instance, a toilet or drain can block. If it is not unblocked immediately, there will be terrible cleanup to deal with.

It is advisable to avoid trying to flush a toilet once you realize that it is blocked. That’s because doing this will most likely worsen the problem. Instead, call a professional plumber that knows how to use drain plungers or drain rods to clear the blockage.

To ensure that plumbing disasters do not recur, avoid using excess toilet papers. Also be keen on what goes down your drains. Items like plastics and polythene papers should not find their way into your drain system. Additionally, avoid letting too much food waste into your sinks.

Common Plumbing Disasters

Some of the most common plumbing disasters that require immediate assistance are leaks. These are particularly distressful whenever they occur upstairs. Once you notice a leak in your building, switch off water from the main source. Open household taps to drain water from the system. Call a professional plumber immediately and use buckets, clothes, and mobs to clear up water that may have drained into your property. Clearing up water helps with water damage mitigation. If there are leaks in the ceiling, make a small hole to drain out the water. This will prevent complete collapsing of the ceiling.

A common cause of water leak is hammering a nail straight to the pipe work or wall. When this happens, don’t try to remove the nail. Instead, let it stay plugged in then switch off water at the main. Call a plumber to remove a wall covering section to repair this damage.

Broken sanitary can also present a plumbing disaster when it causes leaking. If the part that is broken is important to daily life like a bath, the problem will represent an emergency. An experienced plumber can find a match for the current fixture and repair the damage.

An external main can also burst and cause water to flow into your home. In that case, look for the main control to turn it off. This implies that even your neighbours may not have water supply in their homes. If necessary, seek help of a professional plumber. It’s however important to note that pipes that lead to the mains control belong to the local water board. Therefore, it’s most likely the responsibility of the board to fix any damage along the road.


Seek Help Immediately

Most plumbing disasters escalate if they are not handled properly and immediately. If you have a plumbing issue in your home, on water meter or pipes between the mains and your property, seek help of a professional plumber immediately.

There are many plumbers whose services can easily be found online. Nevertheless, conduct some research to identify the best plumber to call when a plumbing disaster strikes. Read plumbers reviews and ask friends, neighbours and family for recommendations to make a wise hiring decision.


Plumbing System Inspections

Plumbing system inspections enable property owners to live comfortably in their homes. Inspections are important when living in a home, when buying a home, or when moving into a newly-built home. On the surface, your home may seem like a cozy atmosphere. You may have a highly efficient HVAC, reliable lighting and properly functioning drainage system. However, something could be wrong with your plumbing system yet you don’t know it. In fact, some people don’t take their plumbing systems seriously until something happens that necessitates hiring an emergency plumber.

Common plumbing catastrophes that compel some property owners to have their systems inspected include leaky pipes, faulty water heaters, and overflowing toilets. Unfortunately, these problems come with a lot of stress because they make a move-in impossible or make a home unpleasant. To avoid these problems, it’s important to schedule a plumbing system inspection when moving in or on a regular basis when living in a property.

Major Plumbing System Inspections

Among the major plumbing system inspections that you should have done on a regular basis include:

  • Toilets – Have toilets in your property checked for leaks that can lead to serious damage in the area that surrounds them. A plumbing system inspector may notice signs of wear and tear on your toilet and recommend appropriate repairs or replacements. This will save you money on monthly water bills.
  • Water Heaters – You depends on your water heater to perform basic functions in your home. It’s therefore important to have this appliance inspected to ensure that it’s performing optimally while efficiently providing hot water in your home. A leak in the water heater can lead to water damage in the area that surrounds it. It can also be a safety hazard. Therefore, have an expert inspect and fix the damage to keep risk down.
  • Pipe Work – You may take water and drainage pipes for granted. That’s because they are mostly hidden behind walls or underground. However, it’s easy to fail to notice a problem in the pipe work thereby leaving it to worsen. This may lead to a reduction in water pressure in your plumbing system. You may also have wet spots in your house and a spike in water bills. To avoid this, have your pipe work checked by an experienced plumbing system inspector on regular basis.
  • Sewer – Before you buy a home, have the sewer system checked carefully. Sewer lines can have unsanitary consequences if they are not maintained properly. Camera inspection will unearth issues in the sewer lines.

Contact a professional plumbing or home inspector to schedule an inspection and rest easy knowing that your system is in proper working condition. For more information about what is included in a plumbing inspection, visit for a complete breakdown of how important it is.


How to Hire a Plumbing Services Company 

When you experience a water system fail within your home, the first thing that you would want to call is a plumber. However, there are damages that are minimal and could be done all by yourself. But when the going gets tough and some of these pipes’ damages are going beyond what you could possibly do, then you won’t have a choice but seek for professional help. 

Plumbing Services Company

Water is one of the key elements that you should have in your house. If one of your pipes just decided to blow itself up, then you will have to suffer the consequences especially when you remain complacent and do nothing about it. Plumbers are responsible in fixing the major parts of your home such as the faucet, toilets and even the water-heaters. This is why plumbers are an important profession we have to look upon. 

Some water system repair services companies may have professional-looking plumbers but do not necessarily have an idea what they are doing. There are also companies who showcase high-end equipment but these companies may also cost you hundreds and even thousands. This is why choosing the right plumber to do the job for you is very crucial. 

If you want to hire the best plumbing services there is, here is a list of the guidelines before deciding who to hire to do the work. 


Most of the parts of the country necessitate plumbers to have license. License is one of the best evidence that a plumber is competent enough to do the work. Furthermore, license act as a reminder that the services you want to be done in your home is in safe hands. Thus, if you want to hire a plumber, make sure that he or she is a licensed one.  


Some works that plumbers will have to face may be crucial and some unnecessary events may happen to him or her. This is precisely the reason why you should be able to know about the limitations of the insurance grant of these professionals. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you are not going to spend any amount once an accident happens within the vicinity of your home. 


Just because the price is low doesn’t mean you have saved your money up. The lowest bidders may also deliver the poorest service. However, expensive deals don’t necessarily mean that you are going to experience a wonderful result after paying a good number of bucks. This is why, know about estimated costs, their materials to be used as well as the professional fee these plumbers will have to receive to know whether the money you pay is worth it or not.   


Past customers are always the best references one could get before hiring a professional or a services company. Be it talk of the mouth or online review, it best to do some research about the credibility of the company through the past customers who have experienced their service. Are there legitimate complaints? Are there any unsatisfied customers? These questions might be very crucial in spelling success in choosing the right plumber to do the job.  

Check out plumbing services on the web like Home Advisor or any other plumbing services that you can find. Just make sure that you will remember everything that was mentioned above.  


How to Start Your Own Plumbing Service 

One of the most challenging parts of being a person is to survive the concrete jungles called life. Some of us resort to become employees, working all day for a boss who enjoys his or her money from our work. Others are on top of the corporate ladders that own their plumbing businesses and end up very successful. 

Plumbing Service

If you are one of those who are in the group of the former, then you’ve always envied to become the latter. Finally, the chance to be a business owner has finally arrived. 

In this generation, plumbing is one of the greatest jobs in the US in terms of numbers. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau, plumbing is one of the fastest growing occupation in the country, with an average of 16% growth in the past years. 

Plumbing could be profitable in small scale repairs such as leaks and clogged toilets but if given the chance, could prosper greatly especially when assigned to do jobs at hospital constructions, housing developments as well as the pipelines of the city. If you are planning to start a business on plumbing, here are some of the tips that will help you initiate your success.  

Apply for business permits.  

This is one of the basic things to do in starting any business. In the plumbing industry, licensing is one of the most important part of the deal before starting your own plumbing company. Some plumbers should be enrolled in special trainings and others have to acquire license before practicing the profession. Every business should have an insurance, ID number as well as retail licenses especially when you are planning to sell parts and equipment.   

Buy equipment.  

You have to own a vehicle that could carry all of the plumbing equipment to be used in every service your company will lead to. Moreover, you also have to own some phones as well as fax machines to be able to connect to customers as well as computers and software that focuses on accounting so that you will have a more convenient and easier job in starting your very own plumbing company. 

Study the Bidding Process 

Before bidding to potential customers, you have to learn how other companies do this particular crucial process. You have to ensure that in your bid, you will include services such as backhoe or costs of excavations if you are going beyond plumbing services alone.   

Advertise your plumbing business.  

There is no other way to boost your business but to advertise it. People will not know instantly that your plumbing company exists and there are other companies who are on the industry first thus, you really need to double your effort in advertising your company. Use variety of facets to endorse your services such as the internet. Social media marketing is one of the leading avenues in forwarding the name of companies thus, this could be a good start. Remember, no one will choose your company if they don’t know you. Thus, advertise and endorse!   


Some Hacks in Plumbing

Plumbing sounds so easy but there are a lot of things to be learned before practicing it. A simple leak could be sourced from a very complicated damage that is why, before trying to call a plumber, assess whether you could do the job on your own or not.  Plumbing

Knowing everything about plumbing is unnecessary however, you have to be knowledgeable about the basics in order for you to fix the damage that don’t necessarily need a professional work. Furthermore, there are some hacks that exists in order to delineate your pipelines to future damages that is going to happen if you leave it unattended.  

Sometimes, we have to know when to give up thus, when the pipes and other parts are old enough and should be replaced, we should be sensitive enough to know the difference.  

Here is a list of some of these hacks: 

Make sure that pipes are wrapped with heat.  

This is very crucial especially when your building is built in the part of the country where temperature constantly drops. Heat should always be placed in the exterior piping because when the water remains unused and temperature starts to drop, chances are, these pipes will freeze. When water is constantly moving, chance of it becoming frozen is less. Thus, it’s good to leave your faucet open but make sure that there is a container enough to hold this water to help conserve.  

Leaks can originate from constantly stuffed sink.  

It is important to regularly check what’s under the sink and assess whether there are aby drips. This is always recommended especially that it saves a lot of water and will save you from an ‘internal’ flooding. 

Spigot valve should regularly be set back.  

A frost-free bib should be attached most especially when there is a cement foundation that is constantly happening. This will help allow to shut the water off closer to the inside of the house and help prevent freezing.  

A leaky water heater is a broken water heater.  

One of the most common problems that in plumbing is the wearing away of the lining that causes water to drip from the base. If the amount of unmanageable, you should call the manufacturer of the pipe and you are beyond lucky if this is not yet beyond warranty. When you decide to buy a new one, make sure you install a pan under it.  

Faucets don’t last forever.  

Faucet, just like everything in this world, will have to come to an end. That is, there will always be a time when the faucet is going to leak in the future. A lot of individuals might want to use their old faucets because they are used to the faucet being always there. Others, luckily, knows the difference and will reinstall faucets regularly. There will come a point that faucets will get old and corroded and when this time comes, it will be very difficult to get parts for it. Most of the time, it is more thrifty to just buy new things rather than replacing it.